Is Your Home’s Electrical System Overloaded?

Is Your Home’s Electrical System Overloaded?

We offer circuit panel upgrades in Rockford, TN

Do you have plans to remodel your home? Does your house need an addition? When you make changes to the structure of your home, you may increase the power demands on its electrical system. 208 Electric provides circuit panel upgrades to make sure your house can supply the power you need.

While many individual items, such as appliances, televisions and computers, are more energy efficient, the typical home has more devices that require power at the same time. Make sure your electrical panel meets your demands by contacting 208 Electric of Rockford, TN today.

Know when you need an upgrade

Your home has breaker switches to prevent overloaded circuits. However, overloaded wiring can still cause a fire or smoke damage. There are various signs you should upgrade your circuit panel, including:

  • Faulty wiring, which results in flickering lights or slight shocks when you touch an appliance
  • A consistent need to replace fuses
  • Excessive use of power strips and extension cords

When you’re making changes to your home, it’s a good idea to contact a professional about circuit panel upgrades. Call 865-951-9778 today to have an electrician determine the needs for your home.