5 Questions You Should Ask Every Contractor

Before you hire an electrical contractor, or any contractor for that matter, it’s important that you ask the right questions. Why does anyone hire a contractor? Let’s be honest if you’re looking for one, it’s most likely because something has broken, you’re considering upgrading, or you’re constructing a new home, building or addition. In order to save yourself money, time and a terrible headache, it’s important to ask the following questions.

"Are you licensed and insured?"

Whether you’re in need of an electrical contractor, plumber, home remodeler on an HVAC company, any contractor should able to readily and eagerly provide you with documentation of his or her licensing and insurance information. 208 Electric also recommends that you ask for references. It’s important to investigate previous timelines, performances and past customer experiences.

"Do the technician receive proper/advanced training?"

You’re not prying when you ask this question. We don’t blame you for not wanting your home or project to be the training class for an inexperienced group of electrical technicians. So, is it important for you to know whether the men working on your home or office building have received advanced professional training and certifications? When thousands of dollars are on the line, it better be!

"Do you require an upfront deposit?"

If an electrical contractor or any contractor asks you for a deposit first, politely ask them to leave. They do not need it for supplies - any reputable contractor has an open account with local suppliers. You’re check isn’t paying for supplies, it’s most likely paying their bills!

"When should I expect you to be here?"

If they respond, “in the next few days or so” or something along those lines, keep looking. That does not sounds like a dependable contractor. Despite the stereotype of contractors, 208 Electric and other reputable companies are perfectly capable of setting a time to show up and getting there on time.

"Do you offer guarantees in writing?"

If you are not guaranteed success and something goes wrong, you end up having to pay for the same job to be done twice. This doesn’t seem fair, but just as you start realize it, the contractor is packing up his truck and hitting the road.

To prevent awkward situations like this, ask for guarantees in writing.

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